For Immediate Release- January 18, 2022 

Trans Mountain fails to explain to Regulator why its Fraser River Tunnel collapsed 

Unceded kʷikʷəƛ̓ əm Territory (Coquitlam, BC) - Three local environmental groups are renewing calls for the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) to deny Trans Mountain Pipeline's proposal to relocate and redrill 350 metres of its new pipeline tunnel under the Fraser River after parts of the tunnel collapsed in November. Six NDP Members of Parliament have added their voices in a letter to the CER and Minister Jonathon Wilkinson.


January 13, 2022

Six NDP MPs wrote concerned letter to CER & Minister Wilkinson re: TMX Pipeline re-route.

January 13, 2022. Six Federal NDP Members of Parliament wrote an open letter to the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) and to Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources outlining concerns about the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion re-route and requesting that CER's approval of this request does not go ahead and that work is halted until current reports and studies have been conducted, submitted and reviewed. Read more...

For Immediate Release- January 3, 2022

Re-Drilling the Fraser: Trans Mountain Applies Trial and Error Under the World's Greatest Salmon River

Unceded kʷikʷəƛ̓əm Territory (Coquitlam, BC) - After completing the Fraser River tunnel for the new expansion pipeline, Trans Mountain Canada announced it must relocate and redrill 350 metres of tunnel. This comes after a series of troubling incidents around this segment of the multi-billion dollar project, all pointing to cost cutting measures on risk management. More troubling is that the Crown corporation ignored the advice of its expert consultants, who recommended more test drilling and highlighted concerns about the choice of standard horizontal direct drilling (HDD) on soft and untested soils.

Press Release- September 28, 2021

Peaceful Tree-Sitters Forcibly Removed by Tactical RCMP From Treehouse Stronghold

Unceded kʷikʷəƛ̓əm Territory (BURNABY, BC) - At 7:30 this morning, around 20 RCMP agents, including 10 tactical special agents, arrived at the anti-TMX tree sits in the Brunette River Conservation Area. Land defenders have held this area for 286 days, since Dec. 2020. The assault on the tree platforms involved militarized vehicles, and a treaded articulating telescopic bucket truck which was used to remove the dedicated Land Defenders from their fortified perches today - actually two tree-houses boasting open-concept kitchens and battery power capable of lasting for days in a siege situation.

"Today we made a tactical retreat in the forest in the face of overwhelming forces of the petro-state." said Dr. Tim Takaro, speaking on behalf of the coalition and grassroots that support him. "We will not stop defending the planet since we know the state will not stop their actions to destroy it. Most of us, including doctors, scientists and the general public know that the Kenney-Trudeau Trans Mountain pipeline is a climate catastrophe that must be stopped immediately for the safety of future generations."

Both climbers managed to escape without arrest - seen as a win to witnesses and other Land Defenders in the immediate area at the time of extraction. At time of writing, police continue to dismantle the heavily fortified structures - work that may take several days.

Trans Mountain recommenced work on the Brunette River site on Sept 7 after a prolonged shut-down, caused by Trans Mountain's inability to do "due diligence" and prevent harming hummingbird nests and the associated Stop Work Order issued by ECCC. The tree-houses have been in a state of siege since September 7, with seven arrests and multiple delays caused by Land Defenders blocking work and leaving before being arrested. Significant delays, mostly caused by construction problems, continue to plague this hotly contested pipeline project, as outlined by West Coast Environmental Law's Delay Report.

"This project is not yet de-risked. In fact it is only about one third built. We will keep coming back. Our commitment to delay or cancel construction of this project is unshakable. Our future depends on it. My future depends on it." says Timothee Govare, lead Tree Sitter who was arrested late last Friday for his work protecting the planet.

The site of the tree-sits - Lost Creek - is a tributary of the reclaimed and revitalized Brunette River. Although well taken care of for millenia by Tsleil-waututh, Musqueam, kʷikʷəƛ̓əm & Quayqayt Indigenous nations, the Brunette was proclaimed ecologically dead in the 1970s. A miracle in urban river restoration, it now supports 5 salmonid species, including the endangered Nooksack dace, and numerous other species, like bobcat, bear, herons and otters.

PRESS RELEASE, Sept. 23. 2021 

Two Arrested, TMX Tank Forced to Retreat

Unceded kʷikʷəƛ̓əm Territory (BURNABY, BC) - This morning, eight land defenders breached Trans Mountain (TMX) security fences. As of 12:00, two seniors had been arrested. Also, some daring canopy antics led to the 40 foot "tank" to be parked for the rest of the day. The tree protection camp has won another day.

This morning around 8am, eight individuals stepped past numerous security personnel at a contested TMX work site in Burnaby. Four members of the Prayer Circle Direct Action group, an affinity group of Protect the Planet Stop TMX (PPST), took up positions blocking the tank/ cherry picker used to cut trees and threaten the tree sits at Lost Creek. Yesterday, that tank dismantled two "skypod" aerial camps and arrested tree sitter, Bill Winder (69). Today, we can confirm 2 arrests, both seniors: Catherine Hembling and Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta.

Catherine Hembling, a Unitarian who was prepared for arrest, was removed by RCMP on a stretcher chair, as she refused to move from her place blocking the tank. She said, "As a person of conscience, I cannot allow thousands of trees to be cut down for such a short-sighted project. We are in a climate emergency and a mass extinction event. Along with our allies around the world, we call on our leaders to listen to science, follow their commitments and rise to the task imposed on humanity. Put a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure, as per the International Energy Agency. And put a moratorium on cutting down mature trees and intact forest."

Around 9am, three land defenders took perimeter positions inside the fence in order to secure the safety of the prayer circle. Trans Mountain security were caught on video roughing up one of those individuals. The senior, who prefers to remain anonymous, said, "I'm not a litigious person but I was barely inside the fencing this morning when one of TMX's heavies slammed me into the fencing. There is soft tissue damage on my elbow and it hurts a lot." Supporters are keeping a record of such misconduct, which includes unnecessary force, the use of zap straps, and hidden badge numbers.

At least 3 individuals remain in the tree top camp. Observing the arrests from above, in a video tree sitter Timothee Govare commented that "all the people on the ground, blocking this work on the ground are women, they are mothers, they understand the importance of protecting what matters. It's not about money. Our future is not for sale.... It's about the care. And now we need this care for the land." He appealed to men to overcome the masculine pressures of monetary standing and status in exchange of intrinsic values. "Stand strong and help to protect the land and our future".

Tree cutting continued after the arrests, with the tank getting closer to the platforms. To stop the cutting, lead tree sitter, Timothee, free climbed onto a neighbouring tree to spook the arborists. That antic served its intention and the 25 m "Tank" was thus parked at Government Street. The tree protection camp had won another day.

Watch our Twitter feed for breaking news: @PPSTMX1.

August 16th, 2021 

Land Defenders reveal Giant Spiderweb to delay Trans Mountain pipeline construction in Burnaby

Many of the trees in the cut zone are now connected high in the canopy by a complex series of ropes, much like a giant spider web. For transparency and safety, informational signs have been posted. PPST is committed to stopping TMX in ways that are respectful, and cause no harm to people, animals, or trees.

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STOPPING the Trans Mountain pipeline: one year later

Unceded Coast Salish Territories (Burnaby, BC) - On August 3, 2020, land protectors in Burnaby began a treesit in a conservation area along the Brunette River in order to block construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline (TMX). One year later the blockade remains at Lost Creek (aka Austin Ck), with several treesits adjoining now occupied. Protect the Planet Stop TMX which leads the coalition effort is offering a tour to journalists who wish to visit the aerial camp, Sat. Aug. 7, led by Dr. Tim Takaro, the first of several tree sitters, who ascended to the treetops a year ago.

Trans Mountain has suffered a series of setbacks in addition to the one-year delay in Burnaby. The most devastating are due to the climate emergency that has killed 100s of people in BC this summer and threatened the homes and livelihoods of many more. The heat-dome event was quickly linked to climate change caused by burning of fossil fuels. People are connecting the dots between TMX, the expansion of the Alberta oilsands, the associated greenhouse gas emissions, and the death and destruction from the heat and fires blanketing the province, as demonstrated by nearly 5000 signatures on a Parliamentary Petition circulating online to stop the project.

Other blows this past year to the publicly funded project include the International Energy Agency declaring an international moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure. As well, the Canadian Energy Regulator reported in Nov. 2020 that TMX is not needed for Canada's energy future. Economists note how the project will lose money if completed, with the costs to taxpayers ballooning over 70%. Because of these risks, a growing number of insurers have pulled out of the project.

PtP spokesperson Maureen Curran sums up the year, "We are experiencing another record breaking summer with devastating heat and wildfires. Completing this pipeline will only bring more death and destruction. The science is telling us to stop the madness. Stop TMX!"

Stop Work Order from ECCC

Statement from Environment and Climate Change Canada -received by the Community Nest Finding Network.

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photo by Diane Lake
photo by Diane Lake
Prayer Circle Action, photo by Diane Lake
Prayer Circle Action, photo by Diane Lake

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