About Us

Who We Are

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX) aims to expand the tar sands, threatening our very future on this planet. Protect the Planet stopTMX is dedicated to stopping the expansion of this tar sands pipeline through non-violent direct action, advocacy, education and information activities. Protect the Planet is committed to active decolonization, and we support Land Back.

Protect the Planet is a grassroots volunteer organization. We grow stronger when people and groups step into action. Join us. Get Involved.

Our History

Protect the Planet began on August 3, 2020, when Land Defenders and Water Protectors deployed an aerial camp high in the cottonwood trees in the Brunette River watershed in Burnaby. The purpose of this Holmes Creek 'tree camp' was to prevent TMX from clearing trees scheduled to be cut between August 1 and September 15, 2020, along the proposed pipeline route.

When security and police raided and removed the camp on December 9, 2020, a new camp was very quickly established at Lost Creek, about 500 metres to the west along the pipeline route. The Lost Creek camp was continuously occupied 24/7 for more than 280 days with our team of tree-sitters and supporters, protecting the fragile riparian zone from TMX destruction. September 28, 2021 the RCMP Petro-Police removed it.

Over this time, other wings of Protect the Planet have been active in stopping TMX and in bringing much needed publicity to what is happening.

The Prayer Circle Action Group is dedicated to supporting and/or participating in peaceful direct action that blocks the construction of the pipeline expansion. The group continues to meet regularly outside and online for prayer, ceremony, song and action.

The Community Nest Finding Network is a volunteer network dedicated to protecting birds along the proposed TMX route. Last year our documentation of Anna's Hummingbird nests successfully stopped TM's destructive work alongside the Brunette River Conservation Area. The Stop Work Order was in place for five months. As well a three week Stop Cutting and Mowing directive was in place in June across the province of BC. Good work birds!

What We Do

Protect the Planet works with members of the community, environmental organizations and indigenous groups to share compelling information about the potential impacts of TMX with key audiences, highlighting the project's:

  • Health and safety risks to humans, wildlife and surrounding environments.
  • Negative financial complications resulting from allowing the pipeline expansion to continue without a re-evaluation.
  • Contradiction between expanding the tar sands pipeline while aiming to reduce emissions by 40 to 45 % from 2005 levels by 2030.

How We Do It

  • We participate in non-violent direct action with members of the community, concerned environmental organizations and indigenous groups to highlight the risks and to stop any work on the TMX
  • We engage in advocacy to get the federal and provincial governments to stopTMX.
  • We educate and inform politicians, government departments and agencies and the public about the health and safety risks to communities and the habitat along the pipeline route.

Who We Work With

We work with Climate Convergence, XR Vancouver, Mountain Protectors, BROKE, Colony Farm, Families for the Future along with many more, hosting a variety of events to bring people together and to stand up against climate injustice everywhere.