UPDATE May 5, 2024: A Fifteen fold (15 times) Increase in Tanker Traffic

A fifteen fold (15 times) increase in tanker traffic to the Trans Mountain Terminal is more accurate than the seven fold number we and most media have been using. This painstaking and eye opening report also illustrates how unnecessary the expansion is and how unrealistic the claims of economic benefit are:

Once a month we feature an activist working to Stop TMX on our Meet the Activist blog. Regular people, young and old, are taking action to protect the planet. We may eat granola but we also work 9-5 jobs, raise families, and take vacations in the sun. Get to know some of the people that rally outside of...

Protect the Planet starts a camp action on Monday August 7. It's the first in a series of camping actions and educational pickets to Stop TMX. Activists will set up for 2-3 days at a time at various locations with active construction.

Water Ceremony


This Sunday, come along for the 4th in a series of water ceremonies.

Did you miss the earlier showing of George Rammell's judicial sculpture? It's back! Thursday June 8, 2023, 1st Floor, Emily Carr Univ., 520 E. 1st Ave. Vancouver, Opening 4-7pm; Discussion 7:30 -10pm with Jennifer Nathan, Sara Ross and Emily Kelsall. The exhibit will be open from June 5-23. M-F 7:30-11pm; Sat-Sun 8-11pm

"Do you want to know what TMX/RCMP are documenting about you?" Join us at our Protect the Planet Community Meeting at 7pm on Monday May 29 for an informative and empowering evening with Pipe Up's Lynn Perrin. She will share information on how to submit privacy requests from the Transmountain Pipeline corporation and RCMP. Come prepared with what...

Hug the Mountain is back! The one-day event let's us find our heart on Burnaby Mountain as we standing together in opposition to the $36 billion TMX!

We would like to invite you to the Protect the Planet Community Meeting on Monday April 24 at 7pm. During the 90 minute online meet up, they will introduce us to those working to stop the TransMountain Pipeline Expansion, offer ways we can take action, and give us an opportunity to connect with other people that are committed...

Injunction laws aren't about justice, writes environmental campaigner and Protect the Planet coordinator Christine Thuring, but facilitating the exploitation of stolen land. Read about the weaponization of the courts in Indiginews.