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The fragile riparian zone of the Brunette watershed is home to giant cottonwood, cedar, and maple trees, a wide variety of wildlife, including salmon, hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, frogs, and species at risk such as the Nooksack Dace.  All of this is at risk.  It is our responsibility to protect it for future generations. 


In August of 2020, the PtP resistance to TransMountain began at Holmes Creek in Burnaby, with a 'portaledge' hung up high in magnificent cottonwood trees. A support camp sprang up, and shortly afterwards the original treehouse began to be built. Thanks to the amazing skills of Timothee Govare and his many dedicated assistants, including the climbing crew of Amanda and Kurtis, this beautiful structure was built to protect the delicate Brunette riparian zone. Sadly, in early December 2020, it was raided and there is now barbed wire, security fences,  guards, and motion detectors to keep out the local citizens who only want to protect their salmon streams and valuable watersheds.

A short time after the raid, a new tree camp was established at Lost Creek, just 500 m further down the pipeline route. It is visible from the Transcanada Highway and from the Brunette Greenway.  This treesit was occupied 24/7 for more than 9 months! This action was very effective in blocking pipeline construction.  On September 07, 2021, TransMountain laid siege to the Lost Creek treesits, fencing off the entire area. Our climbers immediately ascended more trees and set up ‘Sky Pods’, which are tree hammocks high above the ground directly in the way of TMX tree clearing. Three weeks later, an RCMP tactical climbing team used a large bucket truck to move in and remove the skypods and tree platforms. But this is far from over. We remain very active. We won’t back down! 


TMX poses a direct threat to the Brunette watershed as it crosses through so-called Coquitlam and Burnaby. Heavy machinery, fencing, cameras and security are taking over this area with seemingly very little regard for the irreparable damage being done. 


Check out our YOUTUBE channel to learn more and be inspired. There are so many ways to take part!

Our collective action against TMX has taken many forms.  However, whether it is building and occupying tree platforms directly on the pipeline route, multi-faith prayer circles at construction worksites, locking onto heavy machinery, or documenting and reporting Trans Mountain environmental, safety and health violations, our actions are centred upon a deep love and gratitude for these sacred lands and waterways. Our actions are peaceful, respectful, and highly effective.  Please join us!

ALSO we'd like to amplify the actions of the Indigenous Youth action group: Braided Warriors

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