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Volunteer Opportunities & Action Team Meetings

Protect the Planet Action Team Volunteers

Wednesday November 9, Thursday November 24, and Wednesday December 7, 2022 from 7:30-9:00pm on ZOOM 

Join us on Zoom to meet in breakout rooms to brainstorm and collaborate as a group of people dedicated to the common cause of stopping the pipeline. This season the team will be working to create a Festive Hug to bring attention to the need to Stop TMX. We would love to have your help! 

Please register as a volunteer to get access to the ZOOM.

Volunteer Action Teams include:

  • Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Non-Violent Direct Action
  • Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Research
  • Events
  • Education

Youth Stop TMX 

Youth Stop TMX is a movement of high school students from across Metro Vancouver fighting to stop the Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion. For more information, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Volunteers share their experience

"I have been so happy to be out walking weekly in all weather, in the world of trees and birds, seeing the seasons change. I've been in such good company: all ages, all backgrounds, doing something important. Collecting "intelligence" has been fun, a sort of grown-up cops and robbers! I would never have believed the little green space between the railway and the highway was home to so many trees, plants, berries, birds, mice, voles, rabbits, otters, a bobcat, and a bear. It has kept me sane and motivated during the pandemic, it has expanded my spiritual practice, it has given more meaning to my life, it has made me more familiar with other ecological NGOs, and it has given me a new and vital appreciation of Indigenous Planet Protectors and their worldview." CATHERINE

"I live on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, and toured the tree sit in August. It was inspiring, so I volunteered for the media team. I was able to stand at my desk at home and help manage the large amount of compelling video from when Trans Mountain and law enforcement moved in. Not having to be at their desks allowed people to be on-site and delay the pipeline for another two weeks. It was, at times, hard but it was satisfying work." LORNE