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UPCOMING Volunteer & Action Team Meetings

Volunteer & Action Team Meetings

Action Team Meetings are a welcoming zoom space for us to share updates, brainstorm & collaborate.

You can expect to learn what we PtP is working on, including a chance to jump into an area or Action Team that matches your skills & interest. OR maybe you've been involved with us, or at a distance? These meetings will help you find renewed focus & participate in current concrete action towards our Spring Campaign to Stop TMX.


Surveillance is the groundwork that builds our knowledge so we can plan Successful Actions. Surveillance is super fun if you are into being a spy, and it is easy to do without breaking any laws.

What you will do:

  • Hang around & watch what's going on. 
  • Monitor traffic patterns in and out of various pipeline construction worksites in Burnaby.
  • Sign up for a time (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)...

Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA)

For those who perceive that our laws protects corporations while criminalizing land protectors, NVDA is a sane response. NVDA empowers us to stand up and make a difference, and connects us with others in a support network that benefits our mental health. It is easier than you may think. Every day is a good day to stand up.

What you will do:

  • Stop pipeline work in Burnaby
  • Stand close to construction site to aggravate work process
  • Learn our non-arrestable methods

Social Media Campaigner

The position of Social Media Campaigner helps drive education & engagement, and is a crucial face for our work. You invite others in by creating material & campaigns that are strong enough to cut through the static.

You'll be working on a team to Turn Up the Volume this spring as we stop the expansion of tarsands pipelines.
What you will do:

  • Work together to develop themes & progressive campaigns that highlight aspects of tarsands pipeline: risks, fierce resistance, and ways to get involved.
  • Create posts to inspire, engage, challenge and entertain... far beyond "angry white activist on the mic".
  • Research, prospect and build relationships with new influencers that reflect our goal to broaden our campaign to include youth from as wide a demographic as possible...