Tim T: Physician-scientist-treesitter  


Where were you born? Where do you live? I was born in Asheville, NC, and now live in New Westminster, BC.

When did you first get involved in eco-activism? As a high school student protesting Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

Where do you focus your activism and why? Stopping TMX is the focus because I was trained most of my career in the skills required to expose the dangers of the project and it threatens my university (SFU) and people I love.

What is the driving force behind your activism? I'm driven by a deep knowledge of the evidence showing the harm to future generations from expanding Canada's oil and gas profiteering. I'm also deeply committed to reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Have you been arrested? Yes, I was arrested after treesitting on the pipeline route in Burnaby over the course of 16 months. You can read my sentencing statement for more details.

What do love most about mother earth? Her beauty, resilience, power and perfect harmony when left to her own devices.

What simple way do you have for people to get involved in protecting the planet? Sign up and get plugged in. It is incredible how TMX and the government of Canada have managed to keep people uneducated and therefore inactivated in opposition to the project. Our current action campaign involves educating people travelling through construction zone without know what they're seeing right in front of them. Come join us on the frontlines of climate change!