Rene D: Dad, Electrician and Climate Realist


What is the driving force behind your activism? I would like human society to prosper as a whole.

Where do you focus your activism and why? Our culture has created this mess and I would like to curb the amount of suffering and damage that will be done to our civilization. But it's not likely to happen, a probability of less than 5%, but I hope if I focus I may be able to help some. The scientists know and won't admit it yet, it is too late, climate change will only get worse.

When did you first get involved in eco-activism? I have always been involved with politics since I went to university. I was a federal MP candidate in the riding of Winnipeg Centre for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2006. Three quarters of the way through they discovered that I would not blindly follow orders and punted me out.

I got actively involved again after moving to Vancouver in 2014. I joined Climate Convergence and helped organize the march that ran Kinder Morgan out of Canada in 2016. 

I have continued to support those opposed to TMX given that it is total STUPIDITY to build a project that is detrimental to everyone.  I feel very blessed and privileged to now be working with the Protect the Planet (PTP) team! You can find out a more about my vision for the immediate future on my website

How do you spent the majority of your time? I am focusing on my kid, helping PTP, and work.

What is your day job? I am an electrician.

Where were you born? I was born in Flin Flon Manitoba, and currently live in Coquitlam.

What do love most about mother earth? Everything! Living now in a big city, I have learned to appreciate this perfect creation when it is undisturbed by humans.

What simple way do you have for people to get involved in protecting the planet? You can give us hand at PTP, amplify uncomfortable messages that things need to change, help/give to the poor, and consider that inequality is making this transition harder than it should be. Finally, don't let fear guide you!