Christine T: Eco-activism from middle school to middle age


When did you first get involved in eco-activism? I have been involved in eco-activism from a young age, starting in grade school with the Elmira Youth Environmental Society (EYES). We led the educational campaign around blue box recycling when it first came to our town.

What is the driving force behind your activism? My activism is motivated by a belief in democracy and the desire to express my opinion around issues that are close to my heart.

What do love most about mother earth? I love the creativity continually expressed by Mother Earth, her life force.

What is your day job? I'm working to advance the implementation of ecological green infrastructure in our region, including roofs and pollinator meadows.

Where else do you volunteer? I also volunteer with the Native Bee Society of BC and the Coast Salish Native Plant Nursery.

What is one fun way you have to express your activism? I'm an Alouette Singer. The group started with Ruth, Janette and Catherine, three of the Brunette River arrestees, but it has expanded to include a few more of us. I am particularly proud of our song "Take Your Money (out of RBC)." 

What simple way do you have for people to get involved in protecting the planet? Become mindfully aware of our consumption patterns, whether it's carbon-intensive food, packaging or transportation. Doing little things in our own lives can be empowering.