Bill WRetired Professor and 3 x Arrestee 


What is the driving force behind your activism? I feel responsible for the devastating future that my generation has left to young people. I can no longer be a bystander to the destruction of the planet.

What do love most about mother earth? The incredible diversity and generosity, especially here in BC. Nature provides freely such an abundance of natural goods and beauty. Plant a seed, and miraculously food pops out of the ground. All we have to do is protect the Earth. We have done a terribly poor job of that so far.

When did you first get involved in eco-activism? I got involved in 2014 at the protests against TMX's when they were surveying Burnaby Mountain for the pipeline tunnel through the mountain. I was not arrested then but others were, though their charges were thrown out because of TMX's erroneous GPS coordinates for the injunction.

Have you been arrested? If so, please briefly share the details.

1. September 22, 2021

Protect the Planet: Blocked TMX construction in a tree-sit

I was arrested from a hammock -- one of two "skypods"-- up 60 feet in a Cottonwood in the path of TMX construction. We blocked TMX construction with the skypods for about 12 days because TMX did not want to bring attention to the project just before the election. I was arrested the day after the election.

Sentence: 21 days jail (North Fraser Pretrial).

2. April 13, 2022

Save Old Growth: Blocked Trans Canada at Willingdon

After fellow activists blocked the Trans Canada at Willingdon, I remained in traffic attached to a barrel until taken with my barrel to the side of the road by the RCMP.

3. June 13, 2022

Save Old Growth: Blocked the Ironworkers bridge with a car.

With three others stopped a car at the entrance of the Iron Workers bridge. Two activists glued to the road and I and another activist tried to attach ourselves to the steering wheel, without success.

Sentence for both Save Old Growth arrests; 30-day house arrest, 50-hours community work service, and 18 months probation.

Where else do you volunteer?

I'm a retired UBC French Professor who now volunteers with activist groups including Protect the Planet, Climate Convergence, 350Vancouver, Sea Wolves, On2Ottawa, and Save Old Growth.

What simple way do you have for people to get involved in protecting the planet?

Go to protest rallies (Decolonial Solidarity is presently organizing regular protests against RBC's funding of fossil fuels). Become a volunteer to support activist groups' infrastructure -- there is much to do! Donate, use your voice for petitions and letters and social media. Most of all, make sure you understand what the scientists are saying about the climate and talk to whoever you can.