UPDATE May 5, 2024: A Fifteen fold (15 times) Increase in Tanker Traffic

A fifteen fold (15 times) increase in tanker traffic to the Trans Mountain Terminal is more accurate than the seven fold number we and most media have been using. This painstaking and eye opening report also illustrates how unnecessary the expansion is and how unrealistic the claims of economic benefit are:

Join us tomorrow, Feb 21, to support water protectors being sentenced in Kamloops. The solidarity rally will be at the Vancouver Law Courts. From 9:00-9:45am, we will watch the livestream from Kamloops and hear from the courageous people facing the colonial court system.



Maya Laframboise and Emily Kelsall were sentenced to 21 days; Kelsall received an additional 7 days for donning a dinosaur head mask and defiantly roaring at the judge at the conclusion of her court appearance. They were also given a restitution fine of $1,240 between them, to be paid to TMX for stopping work for 20 minutes. The young women,...



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Join two dinos for a press conference and rally as they face criminal contempt charges for blocking TMX pipeline construction. A press release about the trial is available.

Camp 4 


Along the route of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Camp 4 includes a teepee by the Che'tsh lus River, also known as the Brunette River. It is situated near the Highway 1 Brunette offramp by the fast growing cities of so-called Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster. These are the stolen territories of numerous Indigenous nations...

Sacred Salmon


Early on October 26th, Chum salmon were seen in Stoney Creek! With the recent rains, water levels have risen and the salmon have now entered the creek to spawn and complete their life cycle. Despite this, TransMountain continues to work with heavy equipment, only meters away from the creek. It is more urgent than ever that we stop this project. ...

A new watchtower tree sit was established on October 21st 2022 in the canopy high above Stoney Creek, in so-called Burnaby B.C. The watchtower is monitoring Trans Mountain's destruction at this iconic urban salmon stream. We established a camp along the greenway in order to delay Trans Mountain's intention to close the public path for months in...