SarahMM: Green Warrior and Fashion Activist


When did you first get involved in eco-activism? I started the Green Warriors in high school. We tie-died t-shirts as a fundraiser to adopt trees in the Amazon Rainforest, we made reusable lunch bags, and wrote letters to the editor about wasteful practices by the city.

Where were you born? I was born on the lands of the Nipissing First Nations. I currently live on the lands of the Qayqayt First Nations. 

What is the driving force behind your activism? For the last 14 years it has been my daughter Maeve. I want to ensure she has a future that is safe and beautiful. I can't say why I first started my activism in my teens. It feels like destiny; like it is my role to heal my ancestors and our connection to Gaia.

What do love most about mother earth? The rivers. I grew up near the Mattagami River and was delighted to return to her shores in the summer of 2022. Next, I hope to touch the waters of the Loire River in France. This was the departure point for my ancestors over 600 years ago.

What is your day job? I run the fashion program at Vancouver Community College.

Where else do you volunteer? I help the Downtown Eastside Women's Center with their annual fundraising fashion show, Herstory. I also run Flash & Soul, a facilitation service for activists and the fashion industry based on the practices of the Work that Reconnects and the Presencing Institute.

Where do you focus your activism and why? My activism has been focused on fashion. My mission for much of my career has been to promote and sell local design. Now I am teaching the next generation of designers to market and create from a heart-centered, life-sustaining place. I am also involved with Protect the Planet; helping with media, the website, and the Hug event.

What simple way do you have for people to get involved in protecting the planet? I adored the book, The Day the World Stops Shopping by J.B. MacKinnon. It made me ask myself, what am I willing to sacrifice? Can I live without my daily cup of chai, without summer BBQs, without a fresh outfit for fashion week? Is it the BBQ food that I crave or is it eating together and the sense of community that creates? When I narrow in on the actual desire, it's easier to let go of the superficial expression, and appreciate the simple beauty of life. Something has to give; we can't have it all. It's up to each of us to decide exactly what we can let go of- whether BBQs, acrylic nails, or airplane travel.