It's time to make GOOD TROUBLE!

After over a year of back and forth, we are now in a full on siege, with tree sitters behind fences and workers back on site. On a few occasions trees were being felled only a few meters from where our land protectors were roosting in the tree tops - the lack of respect for lives and futures is evident.  WE NEED TO ACT NOW 

We will continue having actions on a daily basis!   Two arrests of peaceful protestors have held up machinery and two extra climbers braving the treetops in precarious slings stopped work for the weekend.  BUT WE NEED YOU!

Bring a sign, bring a song, bring a loud voice and a strong opinion - bring a broken heart or a determined one, but we need you to stand with us and STOP TMX.   Together, we can.   And we will!

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UPCOMING EVENTS and ongoing actions

upcoming ALSO has a petition going to stopTMX and fund a green new deal 


Meet at the Lower Hume Park Parking area at noon with a mask and be ready to walk on a slightly bumpy and possibly muddy trail.  Kids are very welcome but no dogs please, as the highway noise might spook them, and we are close to nesting birds. We only take small groups, so you are encouraged to pre-register to be sure of getting a spot.  

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  • The International Energy Agency released a special report demonstrating that governments should no longer invest in or construct new fossil energy projects if we're to avoid catastrophic climate change;
  • The Canada Energy Regulator projects that if Canada meets its commitments to cut more greenhouse gas emissions, the Trans Mountain expansion will not be needed;
  • Due to violations of environmental regulations, construction was stopped in many sections of the project including an order to stop tree cutting and grass mowing across the entire pipeline route;
  • A recent report from the Canada Energy Regulator and the Parliamentary Budget Officer show that in almost all scenarios the Trans Mountain expansion project will not be financially viable;
  • This project does not have the consent of all the First Nations whose lands, territories or other resources would be affected by the Trans Mountain expansion project;
  • The pipeline project puts our health, environment, ecosystems, coastlines, tourism and oceans at risk;
  • The pipeline project enables the expansion of the Alberta oilsands and undermines Canada's climate commitments to the Paris Agreement;
  • The cost of the Trans Mountain expansion project has risen by 70% to $12.6 billion, putting Canadian taxpayers' money, our economy and new jobs creation in renewable energy at risk; and
  • Most other OECD economies are reducing carbon emissions over the past several years while Canada's emissions continue to grow.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to immediately stop the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline, as outlined in Motion M-94 and instead invest in a made-in-Canada Green New Deal. 


DONATE TO PPST to help the Tree Camp pay for banners, flyers, climbing and building supplies etc.

Help our AMAZING Community Nest Finding Network do their crucial work!   here is their fundraising site to pay for trips to locations that may help them stop TMX and other dangerous extraction projects 

Protect the Planet - Stand up to TMX! Please help us fund our legal challenge to the injunction!

WE NEED YOUR HELP with fundraising to cover the costs of a legal challenge to the injunction that is protecting Trans Mountain and making it illegal for concerned citizens to stand up to TMX and try to protect their communities and their children's future. We recognize that this past year has been financially hard for many people, so if you aren't in a position to donate, please share this Fundrazr and help us get the word out. Whether you donate or share, your generosity is greatly appreciated, and we're glad that you're joining our effort to set aside TMX's injunction and send a powerful message to the federal government: this pipeline has no place in Canada's future.

HERE is where you can learn more!  

(photo below is of one brave land defender who was arrested TWICE for defying the injunction)


2021 MAY

Water is Life: a call to action to protect the Fraser River"

On Saturday, May 29, 2 P.M. at Maquabeak Park, Coquitlam, supporters came together on the banks of the Fraser River to bear witness as Chief Judy Wilson and other Indigenous leaders from along the pipeline route, do a public water ceremony to offer prayers for the protection of the fish, animals, plants, people and ways of life that depend on its health. We all need to take a stand against all that is threatened by the drilling and by the entire Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project, but this was also a chance show solidarity with Indigenous peoples upholding their rights and practicing their sacred responsibility to defend these lands and waters. 

Trans Mountain plans to drill under the world's most iconic salmon river - the Fraser - threatening the peoples, the salmon and all living things who depend on its health. People across B.C. are united by the mighty Fraser, the world's largest salmon river. An accident during construction or an oil spill anywhere from the headwaters to the Salish Sea would be catastrophic.

2021 MARCH/April

March and April were very BUSY!  We held MULTIPLE prayer circle actions, a few brave arrests, lots of tours and "holding the Red Line" events.  A highlight was the truly wonderful march up to the the Watch house to celebrate its anniversary!

WE DREW THE RED LINE TO STOP TMX in Coquitlam, Burnaby, Victoria and New Westminster!

It is a COVID safe way of showing our concern: a distance and masked action - it's short and simple, and shows we won't back down. We hold signs and red material to stay 2-3 m apart as we make a line of caring humans in an impacted area (wetlands, watershed, park, coastline etc!) and then video our proud red line, a Rope of Hope to protect what we love and value. It is NOT too late and the RISK is too great. If you want to send out a message and gather your local supporters to do so, we encourage you to set this up in your own endangered area.

We have done this in Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster and in Victoria... anywhere that is affected by this black snake. 


People's Assembly  

This virtual gathering allowed various groups to collaborate on what we are doing to stop TMX . The Assembly featured a range of people working at the grassroots level: tree sitters; Adopt-a-Pipeline surveillance; public education and outreach; #1308trees campaign, and more. This event took place (virtually) on the unceded land of the Coast Salish Peoples.

Family day

Citizens in four cities took to overpasses and roads, taking selfies and posting their safely distanced #stopTMX signs and protests.

TOURS at Stoney Creek

Showing the sensitive salmon and nootsak dace habitat and the many trees, including a grandmother cedar tree slated for destruction. These tours have taken over a hundred locals in to view the beauty and vibrancy of the urban forest ecosystem that is slated to be torn apart to make room for a soon to be pointless pipeline.

2021 - JANUARY Arrests at Stoney Creek

Protesting work being done in the salmon bearing watershed around Stoney Creek led to an arrest of a local grandmother who is not going to let her community be taken over without a fight. We are all so proud of Maxine and her backup team of protestors!

2020 - The Original Treehouse

Built in the giant Cottonwoods near Holmes Creek, this tree house was a wonder of engineering! Thanks to the amazing skills of Timothee Govare and his many dedicated assistants, including the climbing crew of Amanda and Kurtis, a beautiful tree house was built to protect this delicate riparian zone. Sadly it was raided and there is now barbed wire, security fences, manned surveillance and motion detectors to keep out the local citizens who only want to protect their salmon streams and valuable watersheds.

After a week or so of searching, a new tree camp was established, at Lost Creek, just 500 m further down the pipeline route. It is visible from the TransCanada and from the Brunette Greenway. 

2020 - World Rivers Day

What could be better than cleaning up the Brunette River for World River's Day?!

On Sept 27th we had dozens of volunteers helping to haul out over 20 bags of garbage from the Lower Brunette (near Hume Park in New Westminster). This is just one of a number of efforts we have made to show our care and love for our local watersheds.

2020 - drumming circle and summer camp supporting the initial aerial camp 

PPST is not alone!

Climate Convergence, XR Vancouver, Mountain Protectors, BROKE, The Braided Warriors, Colony Farm  (with its petition) and Families for the Future along with many more are hosting a variety of events to bring people together and stand up against climate injustice everywhere.  

We work closely with our allies - for more actions to STOP TMX - this list will also help you stay tuned for more actions!

Join our upcoming actions at Colony Farm, Stoney Creek, Lost Creek, Holmes Creek and more.....

Send an email to join up on our "call out" list for all land defenders ready to act to protect our trees: 

Info on supporting our tree sit: 

We can always use more folks to write press releases, organize, climb, visit and deliver food and share the hope! 

Check out the "HELP STOP TMX" page for directions and details.  We DO need you!