Non-Violent Direct Action

There comes a time when we see clearly that the laws - particularly injunctions that protect extractive & oil industry corporations while criminalizing protectors - are not serving life in our time & place. When this happens, the only sane response is to stand up and make a difference. If we do not... the alternative is a spiral into guilt, shame, denial, addiction, distraction, depression etc.

At Protect the Planet we are building momentum & getting organized for our spring 2022 mobilization. Please know you are welcome alongside us in this important work. Every day is a good day to stand up, and it is easier than you may think.

What you need to know:

  • You can actually stop pipeline-building work in Burnaby by standing close to pipeline work areas.
  • Most of our actions do not lead to arrest (there is always the option to be arrested if you wish - but we don't advocate it)
  • TransMountain security will likely call the RCMP if you refuse to move. The court-imposed injunction-enforcement process means that you will be offered a chance to walk away without charge, even after the RCMP arrive.
  • Full details provided at NVDA Training.
  • YOU can actually do something that will make a big difference towards stopping this destructive tar-sands pipeline expansion.

What skills and experience you'll bring:

  • You are prepared to be outside in any weather.
  • You have found / or would like to find your Peaceful Warrior Spirit.
  • Love for water, salmon, orcas, birds, trees, a liveable future - whatever brings love to YOUR heart.
  • You can show up.

Start Date Immediate, & extending until the Canadian Government starts putting people & the environment before Corporate profit.

How to Get Involved:

Please write a brief note telling us why you are considering standing up to Protect the Planet - and email it to ppstmx -AT- with the words Direct Action in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you, and will let you know when the next Training is scheduled.