The best way to find the Tree-Sit is to join a Tour.
We love to see visitors at our tree-sit, and Treetop always appreciates food deliveries.  Our Saturday tours are a great way to connect with our community and learn "the ropes" so you can help us keep our tree sitters cared for and supported.

HOW TO WALK TEHRE: Main access is off North Road. Start by climbing up the embankment on the outside of the TMX security fencing. Then once alongside the highway you can drop down and walk (still outside their fencing) along the top of the retaining wall heading west. Once you pass the low ravine that is Holmes Creek you will see a trail that cuts into the forest. This is a clearly marked and easy to follow trail that takes you all the way to the tree-sit. The walk is approx 500m.

TRAIN TRACKS : yes it is possible to get from the greenway to the tree-sit but this crosses the train tracks and is NOT SAFE and will likely result in a ticket from the railway police.

TRANSIT & PARKING. The entrance on North Road is within walking distance (10 min or so) from Lougheed Skytrain Station. Parking for cars is available at the Lower Hume Park parking lot and at the various malls on North Road.